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Dyer Logistics and Packing

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Welcome to Dyer Logistics & Packing, Since 1926 we’ve strived to provide you with the best “no questions asked” logistics and packing services in town.

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Welcome to Dyer Logistics & Packing, Since 1926 we’ve strived to provide you with the best “no questions asked” logistics and packing services in town.

Complete with 2 stories of massive double height warehouse space, the Dyer logistics building is the best centerpiece for any industrial estate gaming tables! With removable floors, stairs and working doors…We have packed this building full of awesome details and add-ons.

In this set you will receive all the parts for the Dyer Logistics building.

This is a 28mm building kit.  It comes pre-painted on sprues and once assembled its ready to use!

This building is L15 x W7 x H8.5  28mm and 32mm Miniatures are shown for scale purposes only.


Weight 5 lbs

5 reviews for Dyer Logistics and Packing

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is my best terrain. If you are in 20C ~ 21C Game. This could be “right for” almost every period and place. And really easy to make of cause. My only problem was that double door was little bit stiff, but it could be easy to solve if you have a knife.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brian Berman (verified owner)

    Absolutely huge piece of terrain. Really a board centerpiece. With one side full of windows and the other side boarded up it feels open yet blocks LOS for games. Scale is great for games of even 40k.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Beau Schultz (verified owner)

    This kit is what I always recommend be one’s first BSS purchase.

    It looks great, with nice detailing and an understated color scheme that one can further customize or weather. As good as it looks though, it plays even better.

    It is likely the most utilitarian product they offer, and will see more table time than any other terrain product, save perhaps trees or hills.

    First off, aesthetically it’s at home abroad genres and time periods. This warehouse looks at home anywhere, from a steampunk board as an inventors lab, to turn of the century pulp warehouse, to part of a WWII industrial complex, to even an unstable, derelict warehouse in a modern or near future setting.

    As far as the utility of the building itself, it’s utterly fantastic. It’s somewhat basic rectangular footprint at first would make one think it’s positioning would be inconsequential, but how you orient the building each game dramatically alters its utility.

    The large main doors that can accommodate anything from infantry to small vehicles, are only on one “short” side, and the only other ground floor door is near by on a tangential “long” side. This makes the building surprisingly defensible, unlike other warehouse models that have symmetrical entry points on all or most sides.

    The attacker is not out of luck though, as one “long” side is entirely covered with windows that, while perhaps cannot be conventionally breached, also do not provide much (if any) LoS from the defender, for a safe approach. The other “long” side, however, is full of large mullioned windows that provide LoS for days, potentially agreed-upon entry points, and have fantastic optional transoms.

    The second floor is “open” to the ground floor, so while not doubling the play space, instead you get some added verticality to combat inside shooting up and down, LoS through several windows to potential targets outside, and also has access to a 2nd floor balcony on the outside, for not only a sniper perch, but also accessibility to the roof via an iron ring ladder, and also an escape / breach point ladder down ground level.

    The roof itself is recessed with a nice brick surround for hard cover all around, has a sweet removable skylight for breaching from above or dropping a high ordinance payload from a chopper on a lucky roll, and the roof itself has more than enough room for multiple squads to duke it out.

    This building will work incredibly well almost anywhere, but shines near the center of most layouts IMO. On small / skirmish boards it’s tall enough to allow players to advance vehicles and squads in its “shadow”, and prevent turkey shoots, where you blast away at one another from the deployment zones in uninteresting stalemates or blood baths.

    You will also find , as mentioned above, that using an almost identical board will play very different, just by rotating this building 45 to 90 degrees for a additional games, increasing replayibility on set ups with just a few tweaks.

    While not the biggest, grandest, or most spectacular, this is my favorite building that BSS, or anyone else, makes, and has my highest recommendation.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tim LeVane (verified owner)

    This a fantastic kit! Its a great size , not too large nor too small. It has gone together quite easy and already looks great. I do intend to customize it some and add a few more details but it’s game ready right away. This has to be my favorite kit that I have bought from BSS so far!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bart Miller (verified owner)

    Great centerpiece that really breaks up Line of Sight across my city table, but also creating elevated sniper positions for other games. This kit was the right amount of “headache” for me, a big complex build that was rewarding and fun to construct. The floors fit very nicely in a stack when finished.

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