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Shelter 89


Well hidden in a small suburb of homes, this vault was sealed for 85 years with over 500 inhabitants inside, and remains sealed to this day.

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Well hidden in a small suburb of homes, this vault was sealed for 85 years with over 500 inhabitants inside, and remains sealed to this day.

Packed with tons of details, our Shelter 89 is the BEST statement item for any post apocalyptic gaming table. This item is hand made to order and some details will look different from the photo shown (rocks will be different, base will be a little smaller, grass wont look exactly the same etc.) however we will do our best to match it as closely as we can.

You will receive the following items:

1x Vault 89 (measures 13″x12″x6″)

If you are wanting to expand on this set these items are all compatible with our massive range of terrain products. We also would be happy to discuss adding additional custom elements.

Important information about our Contraband range, please read before buying this item.

Black Site Contraband is a new range of hand made limited run products for people who want one of a kind, ready to play terrain for their games. We love producing our terrain kits, but we always love to make unique products that transform the the games our customers play. We will often use our kits and re-paint or convert them to become something different all together!

All our Black Site Contraband products are hand made and finished by us. We build, paint and finish each and every piece. Some important things to note about this item are

  • It will vary slightly from the image shown, things like rocks and bushes will be different. This is because making both these elements is a pretty organic process and is impossible to replicate from one item to another.
  • its hand made, so some slight colour variation will occur.
  • The base measurements and size of the vault door will not change. We’ll also keep the overall measurements the same.
  • You MUST allow us time to produce your item, we don’t have these in stock, we hand make each one. We are aiming to have orders ready to ship in 4-5 Weeks. It may take us shorter than that, but a good thing to keep in mind is that, if it takes us longer…its because we want it to be the BEST product possible. We will always be transparent with any delays or issues.
  • Each one will have a different Vault number.

Because of the hand made nature of these items, care must be taken when gaming with them. While we take every precaution when constructing our terrain, its important to note that this isn’t to be used or handled roughly. (so if you have a friend with butter fingers or giant ham-hands….beware)

Miniatures shown for scale only not included in sale.

Please note that if you order other product in addition to this, they will ALL ship out together, we do not split shipments


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