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Storer City Police Station

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Sitting in quaint downtown Storer City, the central police station has been known for many infamous prisoners and their respective jailbreaks. Home to the small SCPD, its red brick facade has cast the strong face of the law in this town for almost 96 years.


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Sitting in quaint downtown Storer City, the central police station has been known for many infamous prisoners and their respective jailbreaks. Home to the small SCPD, its red brick facade has cast the strong face of the law in this town for almost 96 years.

This building is our largest single kit to date, it is approx 8″W x 14″L x 10″H

This is a 28mm scale building kit.  It comes pre-painted on sprues and once assembled its ready to use! Features working doors, fully detailed jail cells, staircase, front counter and removable floors and roof! It even comes with removable cell walls to simulate a breakout scenario!

We designed this to be used to represent the Police station refuge in Osprey’s The Last Days. But can be used for any other 28mm miniatures game.

Miniatures are shown for scale purposes only.

Colors may vary slightly from photos

Weight 7 lbs

2 reviews for Storer City Police Station

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Really great for game and beautiful building. from 1920s beer wars to modern days you could use them flexible. And you can Make it so easy. It’s kind a big terrain still not hard to make is big merit in my thought.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    David Lockwood (verified owner)

    Black Site Studio – 28mm Storer City Police Station

    My first Black Site Studios kit review. I was waiting to pull the trigger on their stuff until I cleared my back log. That obviously didn’t happen, so expect to see more of their stuff shortly. So starting with the build I saw the package size and I was immediately intimidated. I still consider myself a novice having only build maybe 15 kits at most. However shortly after starting this was not the case at all. The large pieces were easy to work with and better yet I didn’t have any warping that can sometimes happen with longer pieces. Which made assembly much easier. I had gotten clamps previously and I put them to good use here. Since Black Site generally has two 3mm pieces pressed together to form walls (so they can etch on both sides and provide different inside/outside color) those clamps came in real handy to ensure a nice and tight bonding between the walls. I wouldn’t consider this assembly difficult at all, despite the large size of the kit. I think the front stairs were the most complex part making sure everything lined up nice and tidy.

    Right, on with the kit itself!

    So this kit is large. Which is fantastic! It is packed with detail and lots of rooms. I caught myself a few times “playing” with the kit, setting up interesting scenarios and wondering how they would turn out. The police station is very authentic looking and has a timeless age to it, you can use this in any “modern” setting, and probably could squeeze it into some victorian settings as well.

    The main room has front desk with a security gate to the side. Which means assaulting this spot from the front is not going to be easy. The back door opens to a hallway which leads to the cells and the stairs up. The cells each have a removable piece of wall, which is a fun little touch and really allows it to be used for a number of interesting scenarios.

    The upstairs is composed of a couple of rooms and is largely empty. So you can furnish these rooms as you see fit. I’d probably fill the large room with desks, chairs and computers and have the smaller room function as a detective or commissioner’s office. There are plenty of windows providing good sightline, but no windows along one wall, providing a good blind spot if you were so inclined on approaching the building and keeping stealth in mind. There is also a ladder granting rooftop access.

    The roof is bare and waiting to be filled in with interesting scatter of your choosing, some air con units and ducts or perhaps a helipad even? Maybe a nice big water tank, waiting for a large green superhero to throw it… There is a lot you can do up here!

    So there you have it. I am super in love with this kit, it does take up a nice chunk of a 3×3 board, but that is because it is not a shell; There is a lot of playability within this kit. It is very usable across a number of different skirmish games and this helps add additional value to me (since I play a lot of different skirmish games now). A lot of attention was given and the architectural details on the outside really give it additional depth and lend to the overall realism this set provides. It would look great in a small town or even a downtown setting! Whether you are negotiating a hostage situation, scavenging for supplies or setting up a base camp this kit will help inspire you to come up with an interesting scenario or at the very least just look sitting on your board. The site has it listed as 28mm but I found it works perfectly fine with 32mm as well. 40mm works with the interior so some of the larger 40mm bases may have some issues, but the hallways tend to be large enough to at least allow them to function in here.

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