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The Backwoods


The Small leafy suburb of suburbia is home to a variety of characters and homes. Often filled with the quiet sound of lawnmowers and sprinklers, its a peaceful quiet place to live….or so it would seem

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The backwoods is a thick overgrown block of trees behind the Browne Family Farm. Home to a few shacks and squatters, its not a place you’d want to walk alone.

We have decided its time we put out a set of our trees and tree bases. Super simple and a real staple of any wargaming table. These trees come on smaller discs for easy gaming use. If you don’t need to use the bases, you can use the trees just on their own for a more versatile set up.

In this set you will receive the following items exactly as shown:

4x tree bases with a total of 11 trees

If you are wanting to expand on this set these items are all compatible with our massive range of terrain products. We also would be happy to discuss adding additional custom elements.

Currently we are expecting to have these shipping out in 4-6 weeks time. If you have any questions, contact us.

Due to the size of this product, it will incur a higher shipping cost. 

Important information about our Contraband range, please read before buying.

Black Site Contraband is a new range of hand made limited run products for people who want one of a kind, ready to play terrain for their games. We love producing our terrain kits, but we always love to make unique products that transform the the games our customers play.

All our Black Site Contraband products are hand made and finished by us. We build, paint and finish each and every piece. What you see in the photos is what you’re buying. Every contraband order will come carefully packaged and is ready to take out of the box for a game! Please note that due to the hand made nature of the product, some small differences in color or finish may occur.

Because of the hand made nature of these items, care must be taken when gaming with them. While we take every precaution when constructing our terrain, its important to note that this isn’t to be used or handled roughly. (so if you have a friend with butter fingers or giant ham-hands….beware)

Miniatures shown for scale only not included in sale.


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