Cursed Crate III



After the huge success of  Cursed Crate I & II we are back with the trilogy! We've bundled a ton of amazing DLB expansion content into one HUGE preorder box! Read on to find out whats in this new crate.

Pack Hunt - Expansion Booklet:

Pack Hunt is the third Rules Expansion for Don’t Look Back! In this expansion you find new rules for playing with multiple Killers in your Plots! First, you will find rules for adding secondary Killers to support and hunt the characters alongside the main Antagonist. In addition you will find rules for a new type of Killer, Packs. Packs represent a host of minor fearsome horrors, from zombies to cultists that threaten to overrun the Characters. Packs can be faced alone or alongside a Killer! As with all the DLB rules expansions, you will find designer’s notes with additional ideas for how to supplement your games with these new rules! 

Dark Pact - Card Expansion:

Dark Pact is a Card Expansion for Don’t Look Back! Inside you will find 5 new Traits that focus on the magical nature of Northwood, giving your Killers a host of new magical abilities, adding new ways to interact with the Characters as they hunt them down! You will also find two new Curses and 5 new Boons that further explore the enchanted world of Northwood.

Northwood Cultist - Pack Killer Expansion:

In this Pack Killer Expansion you will find the Pack Visage and 4 new models to add Cultists to your Plot! Capable of using magic and ceremonial weapons, these worshipers of ancient powers become even more powerful under the moon. 

De’Graw Cleaning Crew- Pack Killer Expansion:

In this Pack Killer Expansion you will find the Pack Visage and 3 new models to add the De’Graw Cleaning Crew to your Plot. Mercenaries and ex-special forces make the bulk of the De’Graw Corporations cleaning crews. They are sent out to make sure that the corporation's interests are protected and no witnesses are left to talk about the evil that is unleashed on the city and surrounding area of Northwood.

Dark Harbor Dock Master- Free Bonus Mini:

Down at the Dark Harbor, beneath the turning beacon of the old lighthouse, Old Quincy stands barefoot in the surf. His raspy voice preaching to the robed figures that line the beach. Their faces hidden deep within the brown burlap of their cowls. Occasional sounds of rejoicing and nods of approval meet Quincy’s words before they are lost on the wind and swept out to sea. A blood moon is rising and with it, a glorious new task at hand, a prophecy of the sea is to be fulfilled!

This launch is a preorder. All elements of this product are currently in production, or will be put into production/print after the pre-order launch. Please make sure to read the FAQ

Please read our FAQ for any questions about your purchase. Please note that these miniatures will require some assembly/cleanup and removal from the sprues. We recommend that you have prior experience with assembling/painting miniatures.

ALL IMAGES OF PRODUCTS SHOWN ARE MOCKUPS. Some minor changes may take place when they go to print. 

Miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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