Don't Look Back Holiday Dead Drop



Designed to be played in under an hour, this simple tabletop experience is perfect to play with friends or family. Fans of horror cinema will love recreating their favorite cinematic gore-fests in this fast paced and easy to learn game.

Don't Look Back - The Game

All the components from the base game which include

- Don't Look Back full 27 page rules booklet
- 6x Hero minis (miniatures are 35mm from the feet to the top of the head)
- 1x Killer mini (with tons of weapon and head options)
- Token sheet
- 2x Light tokens
- Core Character and Killer reference cards
- Killer M.O and trait cards
- Dice

Don't Look Back - Triple Feature Pack

Include 3 of the most iconic expansions for Don't Look Back!

-Death on the Line

-Attack of the Grays

-Final Girls 

Please note that these miniatures will require some assembly/cleanup and removal from the sprues. We recommend that you have prior experience with assembling/painting resin miniatures.

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