Gustav MKII Medium Tank


$10.49 $34.99

LAST CHANCE TO BUY! This product is being discontinued. Once we sell out, it won't be back!

The main service tank of the Avalon city watch is a common sight among the tight alleyways and courtyards of Avalon. The clacking of its treads and the stench of its acrid diesel exhaust will cause even the toughest rebels to turn and run!

In this product you will receive

  • 1x resin tank kit
    - Consisting of 7 resin parts
    - Measures approx. 100mmx85mmx65mm

Please note that this kit will require  assembly/cleanup and removal from sprues. We STRONGLY recommend that you have prior experience with the following aspects of resin kits.
-Assembling/priming resin vehicle kits.
- Heating and bending warped parts
- Cleaning mold lines and sanding parts. Always wear a mask when sanding resin


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