Hametsu - Tier III


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Welcome to Hametsu! Created by Doug Cundall.

Everything you need to begin creating your own Hunters and tracking down legendary beasts! The Tier 3 bundle includes:

  • 1 Hametsu Rulebook (around 150 pages, this may increase as the event unlocks more items.)
  • Size 7.5x9.75”
  • FREE Rulebook PDF (delivered after event closes)
  • 9 Resin Hunter minis
  • 6 Resin Boss minis
  • MDF Mill terrain kit
  • MDF Zen Garden terrain kit
  • MDF Watchtower terrain kit
  • MDF Foundations terrain kit
  • MDF Castle terrain kit
  • All FREE Backroom unlocks
  • FREE Alternate Sculpt Ronin Mini 
  • FREE ruined scatter terrain mdf kit if purchased within the first 24hrs.


Hametsu is a solo / co-op monster hunting game set in post-apocalyptic feudal Japan. You take on the role of Hunters, warriors trained to fight back against a tide of Oni demons and mythical creatures let loose by The Cataclysm. You will choose from nine distinct classes, spread across three different schools, and create interesting and powerful Hunters.

Once your Hunters are ready it's time to head out in search of dangerous beasts. At the start of a game of Hametsu, you will have the element of surprise. Oni wander around the table, and are unaware of the Hunters’ presence. Once the alarm is raised, the Hunters will be pursued and targeted by the Oni until the Boss is found. Once it shows itself, it's up to you to bring it down!

As you complete hunts and lead your Hunters down their class specific Path of Legend, you will level up, gain new abilities and equip ancient artifacts. 


Packed with amazing art, photography and lore, the Hametsu rulebook will contain everything you need to play the game. Currently the book is wrapping up in layout design, and we are expecting it to be around 150 pages (which may increase as new content is unlocked).

The game book features:

  • Lore, backstory, and setting for a post-apoc, fantasy Japan.
  • Full rules for creating Hunters, including 9 distinct classes.
  • 6 unique Bosses for you to take down.
  • 6 premade scenarios to quickly get you playing.
  • Random scenario generation tables so no two games are the same.
  • The first narrative campaign, The Wolf and the Devil.


Also included in the rulebook is the first narrative campaign for Hametsu, The Wolf and the Devil. You will follow a 6-8 game story that sets your Hunters after an elusive beast. While on its trail, you will venture ever closer to the source of The Cataclysm, and stumble upon answers to some very dangerous questions regarding the origin of the Oni invasion. Gain access to new relics, meet helpful NPC’s, and fight new and imposing Bosses. 


As a bonus gift for supporting the Backroom, we’ve sculpted a dynamic new Ronin mini! Leaping into action, this mini would be a great way to represent the School of Strength’s most iconic class. 

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