Northwood Mall - Hometown Mall - Limited Time Bundle


$249.99 $285.94

Welcome to the Northwood Mall Pre-Order! 

Built in 1975, the Northwood Mall has been home to various shops and restaurants over the years. After the 90s passed, the malls has seen a year-over-year decline in traffic and sales. Can Northwood Mall be saved?

The Northwood Mall is a 100% pre-painted modular kit that is designed to build out gaming tables with large buildings (Mall, office, hotel, hospital etc) Each kit is designed to work with all the other components to make this process as simple and quick as possible. These kits are intentionally designed to be simple and very fast to build.  

The Northwood Mall - Hometown Mall is designed to get you a complete interior shopping experience. 

In this kit you will receive the following 
[This kit will cover an area of approx 23.5 x 25.5]

- 1 Northwood Mall Entrance
- 2 Northwood Mall Main Shops
- 1 Northwood Mall Stairs
- 1 Northwood Mall Escalators
- 1 Northwood Mall Restroom and Storage

 Welcome to the Northwood Mall Pre-Order! This product is part of a brand new pre-order launch. It will only be available during the pre-order phase and will be shipping in November. 

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