Action Packed Missions in the Near Future!

You can still late preorder a few of the core Breacher items.

Breacher is a game of modern combat that takes place in the near future where private military contractors, called Breachers, are used to take care of quickly arising conflicts or more delicate situations where a nation’s forces cannot be seen. Breachers are often used in support of legitimate military operations or secured through private channels to take care of personal matters for important people who need things done quickly and quietly. While Breacher is designed to represent the familiar present and near future combat zones, players can just as easily have a cyborg Breacher engage with corporation thugs on a distant planetary frontier world!

The Operations and gameplay in Breacher pit a single or small group of well-trained and well-equipped mercenaries, called Breachers, against the more numerous and varied training levels of soldiers and personnel making up the opposition force or OPFOR for short. The gameplay allows for deadly gunfights and brutal melee combat against overwhelming odds.

Welcome, soldier, to the BREACHER backroom event! We are thrilled to be launching this brand new modern warfare game written by Matt Burns.

At the core of these Backroom launches is one single goal: to launch new products and support an indie writer by giving them a platform to get their games and ideas into the world.

And this is where you come in! We launch these games WITHOUT using kickstarter and wear all the costs ourselves. This is because we believe in making sure we deliver these products in a timely and efficient manner and keeping the overall scope of the project in check. Sustainable and achievable goals are the cornerstone for our game launches. By pre-ordering these amazing products, you are helping support indie content and making sure the future of tabletop gaming is looking bright!

Our sincere thanks,
BSS Team

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Pre-order Bundles

Just want the rules?


This Tier includes:

  • 1x Breacher Core Rule book
  • The core rulebook has simple tokens and simple versions of the contact deck inside the book.

Bonus unlocks and gifts are NOT part of this tier.

Follow the link below for more info!

WANT a bit more?


This Tier includes:

  • 1 Softback rulebook 170+ pages
  • PDF is included (PDF will be delivered when ready, check the FAQ on the main Breacher backroom page for more info)
  • The Breacher Token Pack
  • The Contact! Deck (52 card deck)

Follow the link below for more info!

Perfect for 2 players

This Tier includes:

  • 1 Softback rulebook 170+ pages
  • PDF is included (PDF will be delivered when ready, check the FAQ on the main Breacher backroom page for more info)
  • The Breacher Token Pack
  • The Contact! Initiative Deck (52 card deck)
  • All 6 Breacher miniatures
  • Civilians Volume 1
  • Hired Guns

Follow the link below for more info!



Cover Upgrade


This is a cover upgrade to your existing book.

    • High quality print
    • Matte Cover, Gloss Spot UV on the text and artwork.
    • Each book is hand signed by the writer, Matt Burns.
    • Limited to 100 Copies

Read all the info in the product listing before grabbing this item ;)



This bundle includes the following digital items:

    • 1 rulebook PDF
    • PDF versions of the cards and token sheet
    • STL files of all the miniatures releases (Supported and unsupported supplied

This Digital Bundle will include any bonus unlocks. No Physical products are included in this tier

Terrain BundleS

Unlock goals

The more items we sell in the Backroom event, the more gifts we can give out!

ANY TIER I, II or Digital bundle will get all of these!

All Breacher Products


Nothing about pre-ordering this product should be scary or daunting. We are always available to answer any questions you may have via our Contact page. However, we've compiled a bit of info for you here of some questions we ancitipate. If you don't see an answer, let us know and we may add the response below as well as clarify anything we can to you directly!

What is a Backroom event?

Black Site Backroom events are a launch event for some of our bigger products. While we have unlockable goals that will be added to tier I and II for free during this event, all the products are in our scope for production regardless of the success. The main goal of a backroom is to build a solid foundation of a player base, allow the community to push the product into an even greater state, and celebrate a new release from an often new and independent game writer.

What about a PDF?

We have two 'Digital' options for folks outside of the USA or for people who want to pick up STL files alongside their physical tier.

We are not able to sell every product digitally at this time. Please don't ask lol

When will this be shipping?

We pride ourselves in shipping our backroom projects as quickly and efficiently as possible. Violent Dark, Lunar, and YAFSIGA were out our doors within 7 months of the end of the event. All items ordered during a backroom event will be consolidated and shipped in as few packages as possible once the components are made and books are arriving.

Fulfillment is currently planned for June 2024.

Delays can happen, and we want to be 100% transparent with you about them. We specifically tailor our game launches to remove as many variables as possible and generally if delays happen they are counted in weeks and not multiple months/years. To give you an example of a delay timeframe, Don't Look Back was slated to begin fulfillment in early October of 2023 but ended up starting to ship in Late November of 2023.

We'll be finalizing and editing up the book, cards and other assets after the close of the backroom event. We will provide an updated timeline of Beta PDF delivery as the preorder event unfolds. Other digital unlock content will be delivered at the same time as regular fulfilment.

What are the free items?

Throughout the backroom event, we'll be unlocking free and paid products. Anyone who orders within the first 24 hours (10am CST Jan 12th - 9:59am CST Jan 13th) will receive the Agent Canti mini free! This is a hard line, so don't miss it!

Any Tier I, II or Digital bundle will receive all the unlocked goals for free!

Will I be charged immediately?

Yes. Our backroom projects do not rely on customer funding to actually come to fruition so any orders placed during this backroom event are considered preorders. Many of the components and products are already in production, with any unlocks or last minute additions added to the queue before the end of the event.


We are generally more than happy to offer refunds after the backroom event closes. But, once products are in production and things are getting close to shipping we may choose, at our discretion, to deny refund requests.

How will I get production updates?October

We stream every Thursday around 1-2PM CST on our twitch channel, We run through every single outstanding project and give folks comprehensive updates. They then get posted to our production updates page here.

We don't post production updates or any information about these things on our facebook, insta or in any groups. Once a backroom has concluded, this will be the sole source of info. (you can of course always email us or hit us up in the discord!