The Chase Zine



A non-combat Tornado hunting game by Ben Galbraith. 

The Chase is a collaborative miniatures game centered around tornado hunting for one or more players. In The Chase, players assume the role of a band of Storm Chasers, a daring group navigating through natures most extreme weather events in pursuit of scientific data and thrilling experiences. Your mission is simple, collect data or die trying....

 This product contains 
- 1 Copy of The Chase

What you need to play The Chase. 
- Some D10 dice (Red, white, blue)
- 4 Chaser miniatures. Grab the official mini stls here!
- A 3x3 play area with some terrain (Trees, fences and 1-2 buildings)
- A tornado on a 5" base (Free base STL can be found here)

What is a BSS ZINE?. This is a highly experimental game. Buy it, enjoy it, love it! This book is printed on recycled staple bound paper and is designed to be the foundation of a game concept. 

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