The Gourd Reaper II




Tonight started as any other Halloween Night with trick-or-treating and families making their way through the neighborhood collecting candies. Stories from last year’s run in with The Gourd Reaper have enticed  many kids in the neighborhood who have become curious what happens when you really say the Reaper’s Rhyme. In circles around carved pumpkins in backyards and alleys, they begin chanting..

“Soul light, soul bright, his soul is bound on Hallows’ Eve night!”

With so many calling to him, his power increased beyond anything anyone could imagine. The light of the jack o'lanterns flickered from a warm glow to an intense green light. A dense fog roll begins to through the streets and the sound of laughter and trick-or-treating becomes a blight of screams. The Gourd Reaper tears himself into reality with a blood curdling cry.  He’s back and he’s angry!  This time it will take more than smashing a few pumpkins to drive him off. 

This expansion contains the following items

- 1 Resin Gourd Reaper Miniature
- 1 New Visage Card
- 1 New Scenario
- VHS case packaging

Please note that this miniature will require some assembly/cleanup and removal from the sprues.  We recommend that you have prior experience with assembling/painting resin miniatures.


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