The Traitor - VHS Expansion



Traitor is a Rules Expansion for Don’t Look Back. Within this product, you will find everything you need to add the possibility of a Traitor to your games of Don’t Look Back.

This is one of the most requested additions to the game from our amazing community of players. Traitor is intended to be used in one-off Plots. Rules will allow you to guarantee that at least one player is a traitor or you can play with a chance of nobody being a traitor and players are falsely accusing each other! Watch as the Terror builds and the Characters die. Nobody can be trusted! 

This VHS comes with 
- 1 8-page Rules booklet
- 1 36 card deck that consists of 11 schemes and 25 Treachery cards
- 2 new item cards (Manifesto of Secrets, Damning Evidence)

(The booklet and cards are not shown in these product mockups because they are still being designed)

[PREORDER NOTICE] This product is part of the new Don't Look Back Revised edition launch! This product will not be shipping until later this year. Please read the main DLB page for any projected launch and shipping date info. 

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