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In the depths of Avalon01, a sprawling underground megacity, society is divided into three distinct sectors. The First of these three is The Upper Echelon, illuminated by bioluminescent lights, houses the elite in an oasis of advanced technology and lush gardens, far removed from the harsh realities below.

Together, these three tiers represent a complex society of dependency and division, bound by the necessity of survival away from the sun's reach. Avalon01 stands as a testament to human resilience and the intricacies of life forged in the perpetual deep.

The Sergeant Society
Chosen from birth and inducted into the higher levels of society, Sergeants are responsible for the moral and upkeep of the Upper Echelons forces.  Distinguished by their exceptional leadership and tactical acumen, these individuals are crucial for carrying out complex operations and maintaining a cohesive force. 

This Digital STL product includes

  • 1 Sergeant
  • Supported and Unsupported files included

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