By JamieDaggers

Titans clash with vicious horrors from deep underground!

Coming Fall 2024

For millennia, the Cthonid have been forced into the depths, trapped by an ancient Leystone network. Since then, humanity has grown complacent to their threat. Whispers of sightings fill the taverns across Sivis, foretelling the return of voracious Cthonid horde. A long-forgotten cohort of mages rediscovers the weapons humanity once wielded to defend their homeland; massive elemental anomalies controlled by mysterious, precious stones. The mages, known once as Sirens, use magic to harmonize with the stones and command the Titans to hold back the Cthonid. It’s a desperate measure, but it’s humanity’s only hope. Sirens sing, and Titans stir.

SirensWatch is a solo/co-op strategy game set in a magic universe much like our own. You will navigate a grid based map, defending the precious Leystones from the onslaught of the Cthonid. Using unique abilities provided by both Titan and Sirens, you must hold back the wave of terror like the mages of the First Age. The formidable Titans use their massive strength and raw, elemental prowess to push their enemies around the map, redirecting their attacks, or smashing them against the mountains. Each turn feels like a unique tactical puzzle you’ll be solving with your favorite combination of Siren and Titan team. Use the Siren’s time magic to manipulate every moment, and force the Cthonid back into their dark prison deep underground.