Momma Luna's Pizzeria



Momma Luna’s Pizza Den has been a staple of traditional Italian food in Northwood for generations.  While the old building is warm and inviting, not many people know that behind the scenes the family owned pizza shop is also home to a pack of benevolent werewolves! Momma Luna has been protecting her neighborhood since Northwood was officially founded. Rumors abound of a warren of secret tunnels and catacombs that lay hidden beneath the battered linoleum floors. 


  • 1x Pizzeria
    1x STL file of a Pizza Delivery Boy 
  • The kit measures approx 8.5x10x5"
  • Other miniatures and kits are not included.
  • Product requires assembly.
  • Difficulty rating: Moderate.



  • Floors can be interchanged with our 84 Maujer Kit
  • Removable roof for interior play  
  • Open Floor plan
  • Working door hinges

Scale and Size Info: This product is scaled for 28-32mm wargames miniatures. This works out to a scale roughly between 1/43rd and 1/50th. 



  • Our kits are often pretty straight forward to assemble, we recommend that folks have some basic entry level model making experience before diving in. 
  • Our kits are laser cut and prepainted, this can cause some cut-residue and odor when the kit is first opened and handled. These are normal and part of the process.
  • Instructions for our kits can be found here.
  • Curious about MDF products? Check out our intro to MDF here.
  • Please note that in some cases the colors and product may vary slightly from what's shown.



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