While we consider all of our kits to be achievable for someone who hasn’t got a lot of experience in assembling laser cut kits, there are some things to note before you jump right in!

Make sure to wipe down any cutting residue and wear a mask if when sanding or trimming MDF, the burnt wood smell is part of the laser cutting process and it totally normal. You may leave the kit parts outside for a day or so and the smell will be reduced.

Make sure you take your time when popping the parts from the sprue sheets. DO NOT tear small or thin parts from any sheet, you may damage them. Take your time while assembling the kit, some parts have been designed to fit snug (or loose) on purpose.

Q: What kind of tools will I need to assemble these?
A: All of our kits come sprued up in different colored sheets. You will need to pop the parts out and file/sand the small tab that’s left. We normally find the following will help. Files/Sandpaper, a sharp blade (xacto knife), glue of choice and some small clamps or clothes pegs.

Q: What sort of glue should I use?
A: We normally use two kinds of glue. Superglue or Wood Glue.

Q: Can I repaint my Kits?
A: While all of our kits come base painted. We highly encourage people to add-to or repaint them. We have never had any issues with paint sticking to our kits..however its always a good idea to try a test piece first on some of the offcuts.

Q: I need help! I cant figure out how to do (INSERT STEP HERE)
A: Just contact us! We’ll be glad to help you 🙂

Q: I cant find instructions for (INSERT KIT HERE)
A: Some of our more simple kits dont need instructions. If you need help you can always contact us.

Q: I think I found something wrong with your kit.
A: if you find a genuine error in one of our kits, dont hesitate to contact us and we’ll sort you out.



We strongly suggest you build these kits in the order listed here.

Half Straight


Dead ends

Long Corridor

Center Platform

Long Platform


Straight Track



Turnstyle Room

If you need to reprint the graphics, we’ve included them all in this file. Simply print on 8.5×11 size paper
Arklight Metro – Graphics








Use a desktop device and "Save as" to download the file if you are having issues downloading these instructions.

We are looking into why some folks are having problems accessing them :)