Night Thirst - Vampire Miniatures



What is Night Thirst

Night Thirst is a game of bloody competition in a world in which Vampires of all generations and clans put differences aside to participate in a long-honored tradition of battle royale, called the Night Thirst. Vampires representing their clans utilize various strategies and special abilities in an attempt to outhunt their fellow Vampires and consume the most blood before the sun rises! Overseen by the secretive S.T.A.K.E Agents, Vampires will attempt to eliminate their Prey before their fear and commotion rises to a level that gets S.T.A.K.E involved!

While Night Thirst is intended to take place in near modern times, players are encouraged to utilize terrain and models they already have or would like to have, the Night Thirst has existed for centuries and shows no signs of stopping! Night Thirst can take place in the Old West, a Medieval Castle, or a Cyberpunk future! Why not? Vampires in space! 

A game within a game, Night Thirst will have players strategizing the best way to drink the most blood while dealing with the rising panic of their Prey as well as potential attacks from S.T.A.K.E Agents and each other!

This product includes
  • 6 Vampire Miniatures (Plus Thrall)
  • This product is made from high quality resin

Please note that all product images are not final, some small changes may take place when product is manufactured. 

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