The World of Breacher

Kraken took a moment to drink in the scene unfolding around him. The smell of the harbor and the sound of small arms fire was invigorating. He chewed the stub of his cigar, rolling it from one side of his mouth to the other. He leaned his machine gun against the cargo container he was taking cover behind.

Pulling the pin from a smoke grenade he waited for the familiar pop and the start of the thick plume of green smoke. His favorite color. With a grunt, he sent it rolling out between him and the OPFOR.

Quickly the smoke cloud billowed into a thick haze. As visibility degraded, the OPFOR’s fire intensified. They always did that. With a practiced movement, he retrieved his weapon to a ready position, racking the bolt.

Spitting the chewed cigar to the pavement, Kraken lowered the ballistic visor of his helmet. It sealed into place and the sounds of combat came solely through his Comtacs.

Kraken strode through the smoke as it swirled familiarly around his body. He counted five steps and eased back on the trigger. His gun barked to life, shots tearing through the smoke ahead of him, sending empty casings spiraling in a dance of hot brass.


It’s time to get paid.


The Rules and Mechanics

Breacher focuses on the thrilling and intense one-vs-many encounters of some of our favorite combat-action movies. The following is a brief description that shares just some of the mechanics to capture the excitement of a Breacher bursting into the A.O. in a deadly swirl of gunfire and gritty melee combat!

Breacher uses a D20 system in which players are looking to roll less than or equal to a Unit’s various skill values to perform selected Combat and Movement Maneuvers. This roll can be modified further by the environment of the A.O. and situations the Units find themselves in.

During a turn, players will shuffle an activation card for each OPFOR unit on the table in addition to one Breacher activation card for each OPFOR activation card together to create the Contact! Deck. After rolling for the Initiative, the player that has Initiative will be able to look at the top two cards and place them back in any order, giving them an advantage over how the next couple of activations will occur and letting them plan accordingly. As OPFOR Units are Taken Out of Action, their Contact! card is removed from the deck. This means that as the Operation progresses, the Breaher will have to be more focused on how they use their activations so they can complete their objectives and exfil from the A.O. before the Op Clock runs out!

In addition to looking at the Contact! deck, the player with Initiative will gain some valuable Momentum points that are added to the Momentum they began the Operation with. Momentum may be spent on Momentum Abilities that push Units to maximum efficiency and lethality. This includes using specialty ammo, dodging incoming fire, using RPGs, and combat stims just to name a few!

During firefights, the heavily outnumbered Breacher may run out of ammo and can take the time to reload to draw their secondary weapon and rush into combat with up-close contact shots using deadly gun-fu. Or they may want to dodge from cover to cover using tactical movement to take precise shots at available targets conserving their ammo.


Breachers and the OPFOR

When playing Breacher, players will have the opportunity to create their own Breachers. First, players will have to choose a Specialty for their Breacher. Some of these include Assault, Cover, Melee, and Marksman. Once chosen, each Specialty will have several loadouts to choose from and they may include, armor, grenades, reloads, and tactical gear slots to be used on the player’s choice of kit such as sights, drones, silk suits, or IFAKs just to name a few. All of these elements are added together to create the Breacher’s Combat Effectiveness.

The OPFOR player will then use the Breacher’s Combat Effectiveness value plus the chosen Operation’s Force Organization Points to muster their forces! Players will be able to call on veteran Hired guns to groups of Street Thugs to create highly specialized forces, sprawling mobs of goons, to something more balanced to try and fend off the Breacher player.


Campaign Play

Players will also find a campaign system within the core rules for Breacher. Players will be able to create a stable of Breachers to choose from as they accept Operations. When a player completes the various Obligations of the Operation they earn Cryptocurrency which can be spent on Specialty Maneuvers that Breachers can use to further specialize in a specific type of gameplay from Gun-Fu to blending in with the various Civilians that are sure to be in the area. Depending on how injured a Breacher is at the end of an Operation, they will roll different die types on the Injury table. This means that over time, Breachers will be able to tell their own story through their fighting style and the scars they carry.


If campaign play is about the progression of the Breacher, why would someone want to play the OPFOR? When a player takes on the role of the OPFOR they choose one of their Breachers to be Consulting from off-site. In game terms, this means that if the OPFOR can thwart the Breacher from completing their Primary and secondary Obligations, they earn Cryptocurrency for their own Breacher!