Slums & Markets Pack



Loud and dangerous, the slums area of town has been slowly built up over the past 45 years. Originally a refugee camp, the residents have continued to add on and fix up their dilapidated structures with more cinder blocks and sheet metal. Also home to one of the largest markets in the city, its a great place to shop for less-than-legal items.....

This  kit is perfect to represent the many styles of slums and markets you'll find across thousands of different cities in the Middle East, South America and Africa.  We have packed this building full of awesome details and add-ons like removable floors, ladders and TONS of extra bits and parts to really flesh out and individualize your kits.

In this kit you'll receive the following kits

2x Large market stalls
2x Small Market Stalls
2x Metal Dwelling (one can be placed on top of the concrete dwelling)
2x Concrete Dwellings

These kits are 28mm. They come pre-painted on sprues and once assembled its ready to use! You’ll need to print any graphics yourself and glue those on, you can find them in the kits instructions.

Miniatures and other kits are shown for scale purposes only. Colors may vary slightly.

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