Alamo Guns N' More

SKU: COM#9001


Here at Alamo Guns n' More we got a little bit of everything. Shotguns, assault rifles, pistols, barrel breaks and full-auto weaponry is all ready and waiting for a gun lover just like you. Come on in and make sure to "Try before you buy!" in our gun range in the back.

Guns not quite doing it for you anymore? Are you hypothetically a fan of RPG's and grenades? Well the "N' More" in our name isn't just taking up space on our sign...

This kit comes with two gun racks, twenty four card guns, and an mdf toilet and sink. A pdf target will be printable from our website to practice shooting on.

This is a 28mm building kit.  It comes pre-painted on sprues and once assembled its ready to use!

This building is L12" x 11" x H6".  28mm miniatures are shown for scale purposes only.

Colors may vary slightly from photos

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