Our goal is to give you as much information as possible.

We do a weekly production update stream every Thursday (normally around 1-2PM CST) on our twitch channel. On this page you'll find the current week's update notes.  

Production Update Summary for May 30th

Current Major Projects

Mobile Arms -

  • Went from ~91% to ~96% printed.
  • June 7th General re-release still on target, but it's going to be be tight. May be during week following

Pitlord -

  • Re-release TOMORROW
  • Actively being shipped by Talin RIGHT NOW
  • Limited Stock available for re-release, but it will go into our general production workflow starting tomorrow and will be regularly restocked.


  • Tokens have shipped!
  • Books still printing!
  • Cards are Printing!
  • Printing these international, so a bit longer lead time on their arrival. Will update with projected dock date once they're on a boat.
  • On target for -Estimated late July fulfillment

Night Thirst

  • Books, cards, tokens, gobbo box are all ordered/printing/en route.
  • In-house production of minis and terrain bundls will begin once Mobile arms is Completed.
  • Alt Witty sculpt will be finalized and pushed during fullfillment.
  • -Second half of June current estimated fulfillment, pending delivery and shipment of said books!


##Cryptid STLs drop TOMORROW (and space animals too)

  • PoD option will be available later, after Mobile Arms fullfillment.
  • Lunar SpaceCat and SpaceDog files online tomorrow as well.


  • Violent Dark book layout is done, in second stage of proofing. Day 1 PDF is a GO for release on June 14th
  • Sirenswatch open demo IS OUT NOW! Check out the open-alpha-demo channel now! Play a game and wish Jamie a happy birthday today!
  • This is Not a TestTeaser on Monday