A fantasy skirmish game by Corey Sullivan


Miniatures - Casting is in progress
Terrain - Cutting is in progress
Gaming Mats - (PARTIALLY COMPLETE) Some still printing


UPDATE #5 - DEC 2022 - PART 2

We wanted to give you all an update on the fulfillment for YAFSIGA. We are excited to announce that we have just received some more miniature samples from our caster for the silent claim warband and they look fantastic!

However, we do realize that we are currently a month late on shipping this backroom project. As you may know, the production of miniature figurines can be a complex process, and we have encountered a few hiccups along the way that added a few extra weeks. Delays are SUPER frustrating for us, since one of the main aspects of the backroom projects...is keeping things ON TIME!, so we must apologize for this. We have made some adjustments that we'll be putting in place for future backroom events!


At this point, we are almost 100% confident that shipping will start in early/mid January. We have some of the resin minis in hand now, so the timeline is starting to shape up a bit more solidly for us. Our current goal is to wrap shipping all pre-orders by the end of January. As always, if this changes at all, we'll drop an update the second we know!

Have a wonderful holidays!

UPDATE #4 - DEC 2022

Its time for another production update!. HUGE MILESTONE TODAY FOLKS!!

The books have arrived in the warehouse
They look amazing! We cannot wait to get these into your hands! This is the first time we've ever done any offset printing, so we've learned a LOT during this process (see update #2 about the error with the page numbers)

We're really excited to see folks playing some Yafsiga soon!

We actually got the books in house a couple of weeks earlier than we had anticipated. BUT As you can see from the status' in the top of this page, we are still currently casting miniatures and working on some of the MDF terrain items. This still means we will be delayed by a few weeks, potentially a bit longer if the casting process takes up more time.

The good news is that now the books have arrived, and the cards are in transit. All the other components we are waiting on are all either made in house by us, or made here in the USA. So we'll be able to get as quick of a turnaround as possible.

The card shipment took WAY longer than it should have. Tracking is showing that we should get them into the warehouse on Dec 5th though!

The token sheets are complete and in house!

We're going ahead and printing some additional loose reference sheets for the book that'll have copies of the flow charts and some other quick reference material on them. Also we decided to include one more free miniature as well! These are all in production currently

At the moment, we can only give a rough timeframe of how long we think we'll be delayed by. Our best guess is that we can start shipping orders in late December. But Christmas and the holidays may slow this down, so we'll need to be realistic about the possibility that orders may be shipping into early Jan. We'll be trying our hardest to get orders shipping out ASAP though!



UPDATE #3 - NOV 2022

Its time for another production update!. We are getting closer to the finish line every day!

We have some POTENTIAL DELAYS! Noooooo!. Read on to find out more!

The books are currently in transit from the printer in China, to the USA. Currently, the ship was supposed to dock on Monday the 14th, but this didn't happen, and we have been informed that we'll have a delay of about 1-2 weeks. This should put the books into our warehouse in the very early December. As far as delays go...this is actually pretty minor, but we'll keep you updated if anything else ships around.

Both the card decks and token sheets have finished printing and have both be shipped to our warehouse in Texas. These are shipping out via Air so we dont anticipate any delays on them. We should receive them in the next week.


UPDATE #2 - OCT 2022

Its time for another production update!.

Overall, again. We have no delays to report at the moment. Yay! But we do have some important things to cover!

The print run is finished and on the ship currently. The book looks event better than we had hoped, the colors inside look amazing and the cover with the foil stamped title really stand out. We are really excited for you all to get it in hand and enjoy some games of YAFSIGA!

[Important Note from Ben] 
We do, however, have some unfortunate news that we want to be straight forward with! We have noticed a disappointing print error with this first print run with the page numbers. During the print setup process, I had to add some additional end sheets to the book that ended up shifting the page numbers by 2 across the entire book. This wasn't caught in the final check by myself.

Printing these hardback books and making games is still a fairly new process for us, and while we have a lot of design experience..we still make mistakes...this one is more frustrating since other than this error the rest of the book looks SO DAMN GOOD. But what are we going to do about the error? We want to make sure we had some solutions available and ready for when fulfillment starts. While we can't reprint the entire run, we'll be printing some additional corrected reference pages to slip into the books. I will also be sculpting a free additional miniature to be included in all backer Tiers.

I am pretty confident that while this error is suuuuper frustrating, you'll still love this book as much as us!

The books are currently in transit from the printer in China, to the USA. Currently, looking at the quoted shipping timeframe that was given to us by our printer we are still on track for a November delivery to us, so we don't have any delays to report at the moment. This may change if we are notified of any port delays.

Both the cards and tokens are finalized and off to the printer at this stage, we should be receiving them by November.


The YAFSIGA Rulebook is still available for pre-order via our distribution partner Funagain here. If you have a retail store, or a local FLGS that might be interested, then make sure to let them know!


UPDATE #1 - Sept 2022

Wow! Sorry its taken us so long to get this update compiled. We just got finished with our massive warehouse move from Lubbock to Waco, which took a lot out of us! This will be a short and simple update to get things started, and we'll plan to post an update each month (or as needed).

Overall. We have no delays to report at the moment. Yay!

The book was finalized and sent off to the printer last month. This is our first time printing a higher quality hardback book, so we are taking our time and making sure everything is looking nice. We should get our hardcopy proof sheets in the next couple of weeks and once they are approved the book will be in full production. That still puts us on time for our November start of fulfillment. While the books are printing we'll be working on all the minis, terrain, cards and tokens needed to get everything ready to ship out.  

The only thing we may see some delays with, will be shipping the books. By our printer's current estimates, we should still be on time for November, but with global shipping being what it is...this can sometimes shift around a bit.


The YAFSIGA Rulebook is now available for pre-order via our distribution partner Funagain here. If you have a retail store, or a local FLGS that might be interested, then make sure to let them know!