Construction Site Office

SKU: IND#2035


This Site office, Built from re-purposed shipping containers and packed full of blueprints, site plans, and 'safety' posters, is the perfect location for a back alley deal or last stand hold out.


  • 1 prepainted site office. 
  • This building is 7" x 3 x 5"
  • Other miniatures and kits are not included.
  • Product requires assembly.
  • Difficulty rating: easy.



  • Modular design
  • Working door hinges
  • Interior detailing.

Scale and Size Info: This product is scaled for 28-32mm wargames miniatures. This works out to a scale roughly between 1/43rd and 1/50th. 



  • Our kits are often pretty straight forward to assemble, we recommend that folks have some basic entry level model making experience before diving in. 
  • Our kits are laser cut and prepainted, this can cause some cut-residue and odor when the kit is first opened and handled. These are normal and part of the process.
  • Instructions for our kits can be found here.
  • Please note that some simple kits may not have instructions. 
  • Curious about MDF products? Check out our intro to MDF here.
  • Please note that in some cases, the colors and product may vary slightly from what's shown.


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