Park Ranger Station



This is an MDF kit designed to fit in the world of Don’t Look Back. Ranger Sandy is in the unique position as the head Northwoods ranger to have gifted the knowledge of what truly is happening within the forests of the Northwoods. Carefully positioned and equipped with all manner of equipment and weapons, Sandy’s Station is hallowed ground that always seems to be ‘just over the rise’. 

This is a 28-32mm building kit.  It comes pre-painted on sprues and once assembled its ready to use! It has working doors and working decorative window shutters. 

In this product you will receive the following
  • 1 Pre-painted rangers station kit - The building measures approx [8.5"x6.5"x4.5"]
  • 1 Toilet Block
  • 1 Park sign
  • 1 Dumpster

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