Demonship - Survivor 001 WITTY


She’s not trapped on board with the Demons, the Demons are trapped on board with her! Unfortunately for Witty, this isn’t the first time that she’s had to crush demons with her bare hands, but unfortunately for the Demonic forces on board, she has a pulse blaster and Combat Mace this time around. A Warrant Officer on the ship: Hades Hold, Witty made herself useful in many areas particularly in communications, fitness training and combat exercises. Her competitiveness, physical prowess and strength allowed her to show up many others on board in tests of skill, but she always maintained strong bonds and cared for those around her. Inspiring a community of like minded individuals who encourage and lift each other up, Witty found herself in a position of a leader of sorts for many on board, just by being herself. When the incursion happened, it was a terrible familiar feeling. Witty didn’t hesitate to rush into the depths of the ship to see if she could save anyone, and brutalize any creatures along the way.

In this pack you will receive 
- 1 Resin printed WITTY Survivor
- 1 Base
- Fun rules to use her in your games of Demonship!

Special Note! - This type of retro toy packaging is new for us. While we have done our very best to pre-plan and map out any potential issues, this IS more experimental than our normal packaging. These are made at our facility here in Texas and not mass-produced in a factory, so expect some variances. 

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