Pre-painted Wargaming Terrain Made in the U.S.A.
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The year is 1987

Humans have a permanent presence on the moon.

Various countries and corporations vie for control of territory and resources.

What was once a scientific journey has become a new terrifying theatre of war.


Created by Black Site Studios, Lunar is a 32mm skirmish game set during humanity’s battle for lunar superiority. Choose from a variety of different factions (USA, USSR, Republic of China and more) as you can pit your forces against your opponent on a 2’x2′ playing surface.

Lunar is currently in development, and we are committed to making this an interactive project so check back here for information about early access to the rules or playtesting livestreams! 

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Imagine yourself as the commander of a unit of astronauts on the moon. You’re thousands of miles from earth with orders to protect the vital assets of the homeland. You and other astronauts like you seek to defend your territory and resources from rival factions and countries. Choose from various ranks, classes, and even some named characters, and muster your forces!

Currently, Lunar consists of 3-5 miniatures per side and is played on a 2×2′ area. Gameplay is based on a simple D6 mechanic that is familiar to many tabletop gamers, and you’ll set about building your teams with character, item and equipment cards. At the heart of Lunar is a fast paced and brutal combat system that takes into account what combat in the vacuum of the lunar surface might look like. The unforgiving and dangerous nature of engaging the enemy on the moon is directly translated onto the tabletop!

A full range of high quality 32mm scale resin miniatures and vehicles are planned for the starting factions, so those who are more hobby focused will be rewarded with a ton of great minis to paint!