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A cold war gone hot?

Lunar is a brutal 32mm skirmish game set during humanity’s battle for lunar superiority. Choose from a variety of factions including the USA, USSR, Republic of China and more. Each box includes everything you and friend need to play, including a range of multipart resin astronauts that will allow you to create two opposing forces equipped with a variety of weapons and items.

A game of Lunar is played with 3-5 miniatures per side on a 2’×2′ area. Gameplay is based on a simple D6 mechanic that makes the game easy to understand and easy to teach new players.

Lunar - Starter Box


Everything you need to start your own Lunar crews are in the starter box!

▶ The Lunar Core box will include:
– 70 Page rulebook with 7 core missions and campaign rules
– PDF of the core rulebook
– Color token sheet (double sided print)
– 15 USSR & 15 USA unit cards
– 36 Core weapon and item cards
– 5 Multipart USA Astronauts
– 5 Multipart USSR Astronauts
– Multiples of unique weapon and item parts
– 4 D6 dice
– 2 Custom Lunar Hazard dice

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Join us in a crash course on how to play LUNAR with Connor.

Part One: Introduction 00:00
Part Two: Cards, Crew, and Round Breakdown
Part Three: Example – Ranged Combat with Piercing Weapon
Part Four: Example – Ranged Combat with Blunt Weapon
Part Five: Example – Close Quarters Combat
Part Six: Campaign Structure Overview

Lunar consists of 3-5 miniatures per side and is played on a 2’×2′ area. Gameplay is based on a simple D6 mechanic that is familiar to many tabletop gamers. You’ll set about building your teams with character, item and equipment cards and battling other players for control of mining and supply nodes. At the heart of Lunar is a fast paced and BRUTAL system of low gravity combat with a focus on melee and minimal ranged combat. The unforgiving and dangerous nature of engaging the enemy on the Moon is directly translated onto the tabletop!

Each unit (a single miniature) has its own card with its full range of stats such as movement, mass and resilience. After choosing your unit you may add item and weapon cards

The concept of “mass” is central to the mechanics of Lunar, each unit and item has a mass value that affect combat, movement and damage.

Lunar has a variety of astronauts, unmanned, and heroic units. Each are displayed on the tabletop with highly detailed resin miniatures. A full range of  miniatures and (in the future) vehicles are planned for the various factions so those who are more hobby focused will be rewarded with a ton of great minis to paint!

Lunar is designed for narrative campaign play and features a fun, simple framework for playing linked games.  Players can upgrade their crews with new members and better equipment by purchasing shuttle resupplies and upgrading their settlement with additional enhancments.