A fantasy skirmish game by Corey Sullivan

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The YAFSIGA backroom event is now closed. Thank you to all our amazing adventurers in joining us on this journey!

Welcome, weary traveler, to the YAFSIGA backroom event! We are thrilled to be launching this brand new indie game written by first time writer Corey Sullivan.

At the core of these Backroom launches is one single goal: to launch a new game and support an indie writer by giving them a platform to get their games and ideas into the world.

And this is where you come in! We launch these games without using kickstarter and wear all the costs ourselves. This is because we believe in making sure we deliver these products in a timely and efficient manner. By pre-ordering this brand new game you are helping support indie content and making sure the future of tabletop gaming is looking bright!

Our sincere thanks,
Ben, Connor, and Corey

Late Pre-orders

TextThe YAFSIGA Core rulebook is still available for late backers!  

You can also come hang out in the official BSS discord here!

UNLOCKED Stretch Goals

Delving deep into the heart of the Bloomsreach, the Chalice Knights fervently search for their namesake relic heedless of their descent into lignification from Bloomblight. With the release of the Chalice Knights pack, three new archetypes have been unlocked for the core rulebook: The belligerent Baron Ace archetype, the stoic Crusader Solo archetype, and the humble Pilgrim Squad archetype.

This is the first faction expansion for Yafsiga. This item will be released for purchase for all supporters and no shipping charges will be applied to your checkout. Simply purchase any addons and they'll all ship together.

Their noble ancestors banished from the kingdom of Yafseo generations ago for crimes lost to time, the Yafsedi Claimwalkers return from the salt flats of the Silent Claim to pay respects to their vanished kin. Shrouded in their flowing robes, the Yafsedi strike into the Bloomsreach to consecrate former towns and villages of Yafseo. Trespassers upon their ancestral lands commit sacrilege in the eyes of the Yafsedi, and will be swiftly dealt with.

The release of the Yafsedi Claimwalkers brings three new archetypes to the core rulebook: The wise Ascetic Ace archetype, the graceful Dervish Solo archetype, and the studious Acolyte Squad archetype.

This is the second faction expansion for Yafsiga. This item will be released for purchase for all supporters and no shipping charges will be applied to your checkout. Simply purchase any addons and they'll all ship together.

THE YAFSIGA FAQ & Production Update

Nothing about pre-ordering this product should be scary or daunting. We are always available to answer any questions you may have via our Contact page. However, we've compiled a bit of info for you here of some questions we ancitipate. If you don't see an answer, let us know and we may add the response below as well as clarify anything we can to you directly!

What is a Backroom event?

Black Site Backrooms events are a launch event for some of our bigger products. While we have unlockable goals that will be added to tier II and III for free during this event, all the products are in our scope for production regardless of the success. The main goal of a backroom is to build a solid foundation of a player base, allow the community to push the product into an even greater state, and celebrate a new release from an often new, independent game writer.

What about a PDF?

We're happy to tell you that YAFSIGA will come with a full PDF with every purchase of a YAFSIGA rulebook. Since this event will potentially be adding content to the book, we're aiming to send the document out mid-July, a few weeks after the conclusion of the project.

When will this be shipping?

We pride ourselves in shipping our backroom projects as quickly and effienctly as possible. Both Violent Dark and Lunar were out our doors within 12 weeks of the conclusion of the event.

YAFSIGA is a bit of a new step for us. Hardback books take longer to get proofs and print, so total fullfillment of this project may take longer than the previous ones. Our current goal based on all the information we know is to have total fullfillment done in November. We'll keep you guys updated and in the loop - but really.

What are the free items?

Throughout the backroom event we'll be unlocking free and paid products. Anyone who orders within the first 24 hours (6pm CST June 3rd - 5:59pm CST June 4th) will recieve the free Blackpowder Pytyr miniatures! This is a hard line, so don't miss it!

Any tier I orders will also recieve the Telegradi Banner Bearer for free.
Any tier II and III orders will recieve the Telegradi Banner Bearer and any free unlocked goals. Check the unlocked goals for the details on what's what.

Will I be charged immediately?

Yes. Our backroom projects do not rely on customer funding to actually come to fruition, so any orders placed during this backroom event are considered preorders. Many of the components and products are already in production, with any unlocks or last minute additions added to the queue before the end of the event.

What are the risks with this project?

Both our Lunar and Violent Dark projects went very well. While we've done our due diligence for this project, there are some new product frontiers for us.
YAFSIGA will be our first premium hardcover book. While we tried to find a US printer, the quickest and more cetain fullfilment method we could find is based out of China. After months of talking to every US printer we could... this is just the reality. (for more rants on this matter, tune into our streams at twitch.tv/bssterrain)

This does introduce an unknown variable, but we haven't botched fullfillment yet and aren't going to this time, either. ;)