About us

For The Love Of Gaming

When we started Black Site Studios we had one simple idea, this has remained our sole mission.

To make amazing products and seek to enrich people’s gaming experience.

Black Site Studios was started in late 2015 as a custom terrain studio and has since grown into the largest pre-painted terrain manufacturer in the USA (maybe even the world!). Originally focused on MDF gaming terrain we have expanded the company into wargaming miniatures and publishing. In 2020 we published our first game – Don’t Look Back by Matthew Burns and expanded the company into multiple games and worlds such as Lunar and Anomaly.

We are deeply passionate about producing high quality USA made products that help to enrich the playing experience for gamers and its fundamental to our day to day business. Over the past few years we have grown an incredibly supportive core community that are equally passionate about our core vision. These people drive us each day and push us to continue to create even more excellent products.


Connor Erickstad
CEO & Founder
Ben Galbraith
Creative Director & Founder
Dr. Ted Dyer
CFO & Founder
Traci Cundall
Production Assistant
Doug Cundall
Production Manager
Rachel Matthews
Design Assistant
Laser Operator
Laser Operator
Laser Operator


Over the past few years we’ve made some amazing friends and worked with some other equally talented and creative collaborators.

Matt Burns – Rules writer
Malev Da Shinobi – Musician, painter and streamer
Garrett Broyles – Web design and artist
Patrick Galbraith – Web design and graphics
Adam Huenecke – Miniature painter
Adam J Smith – Miniature painter
Jess & Stephen May – Spectre Miniatures