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Launching Tuesday January 31st

What is Hametsu?

A game of high fantasy feudal Japanese monster hunting.

Written by Doug Cundall, Hametsu is a solo/co-op game for 1 to 4 players. You are Hunters, trained warriors who stand against the evils threatening a post apocalyptic feudal Japan. You are humanity’s last line of defense against mythological beasts.

As you play through games of Hametsu your Hunters will level up, acquire new gear, become injured, narrowly escape death, and succeed against impossible odds. Hametsu places a large focus on discovering powerful combos, creating Hunters that synergize with each other, and experimenting with different Hunter builds.

 Each game your Hunters will be on the trail of a mighty beast, called a Boss, in hopes of locating and slaying it. However, as you search for these creatures, bands of demons (Oni) will stand in your way. You choose whether to fight the Oni head on, hoping for some extra resources pilfered from their bodies, or to remain silent and investigate without alerting them to your presence.

While Hametsu can be played as individual skirmishes, it really shines when you link games together to progress your Hunters down their own Path of Legend. As they become stronger, they will face increasingly dangerous foes, gain unique abilities, and equip powerful artifacts. Games can be generated randomly, or chosen from some ready made scenarios.


Also, toward the end of the book you will find Hametsu’s first campaign, The Wolf and the Devil. This series of linked narrative games will lead players on a journey toward the origin of The Cataclysm, and reveal dangerous secrets about the source of the Oni.

 In Hametsu, the enemies will not die easily. It will take strategy (and a little luck) to survive the world after The Cataclysm.


Are you ready?

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