A tabletop horror experience.
Written by Matt Burns


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Nothing about pre-ordering this product should be scary or daunting. We are always available to answer any questions you may have via our Contact page. However, we've compiled a bit of info for you here of some questions we ancitipate. If you don't see an answer, let us know and we may add the response below as well as clarify anything we can to you directly!

What is a Backroom event?

Black Site Backroom events are a launch event for some of our bigger products. While we have unlockable goals that will be added to tier I and II for free during this event, all the products are in our scope for production regardless of the success. The main goal of a backroom is to build a solid foundation of a player base, allow the community to push the product into an even greater state, and celebrate a new release from an often new and independent game writer.

What about a PDF?

We're happy to tell you that Don't Look Back will come with a full PDF with every purchase of a rulebook. We also have a 'Digital Only' option for folks outside of the USA or for people who want to pick up STL files alongside their physical tier. At this time we are not selling the PDF version of the rulebook as a standalone product.

We are not able to sell every product digitally at this time.

When will this be shipping?

These items are currently in production and will be shipping out once fulfillment of the DLB backroom event is complete. The original planned date was end of October but due to printing delays we are expecting late November/Early December.  

Where are the free items?

These preorders do not come with ANY of the Backroom gifts or unlocks.

Will I be charged immediately?

Yes. Our backroom projects do not rely on customer funding to actually come to fruition so any orders placed during this backroom event are considered preorders. Many of the components and products are already in production, with any unlocks or last minute additions added to the queue before the end of the event.


We are generally more than happy to offer refunds after the backroom event closes. But, once products are in production and things are getting close to shipping we may choose, at our discretion, to deny refund requests. Once you have downloaded any digital content (for example, the PDF. You will not be able to receive any refunds)

What are the risks with this project?

The Lunar, Violent Dark, and YAFSIGA projects went very well. While we've done our due diligence for this project, there are some new product frontiers for us. DLB will be our third premium hardcover book. While we tried to find a US printer, the quickest and more certain fulfillment method we could find is based out of China. After months of talking to every US printer we could... this is just the reality. (for more rants on this matter, tune into our streams at twitch.tv/bssterrain). The process of printing our first hardcover book went swimmingly, so we're anticipating the second to go even better.

We have recently brought our resin miniature casting in-house, and while we're confident in our manufacturing ability, this does introduce an unknown variable. We'll keep everyone updated through multiple platforms and pride ourselves on our transparency during these projects.