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Welcome to the year 4057! The world is overpopulated and cloning has been banned from day-to-day use. The De’Graw corporation has managed to obtain an entertainment license under global code 456-8. This allows the use of cloning to subdue mass unrest. The corporation has begun a televised sensation; Regime Rumble! Ever wonder who was the best  in politics, science, or pop culture? 

Watch as famous personalities from around the world are defeated and cloned again just to be  returned to the arena. Unfortunately, the more frequently they are cloned the more the copies begin to degrade.  


The Core Game

ONLY $39.99

Smash your friends in a fast-paced game of futuristic clone combat. The RR core box has everything you need to get started and play! (Just add a LOT of dice) 

The Regime Rumble core box will include the following items: (Prototype shown, details may change) 
– 6 Page rulebook
– 8 clone miniatures 
– Color unit cards
– 18 card conspiracy deck
– 2 spotlight and blast markers



Clone Expansions

Game Accessories

  • Regime Rumble – 2×2 Garden Arena



Regime Rumble consists of 1-2 miniatures per side (when playing with 4 players) and is played on a 2’×2′ area. Gameplay and combat is based on a simple D6 dice pool mechanic that is fast to learn and fun to play.

Players will set about choosing their regimes from available clones and using their cards to perform various special actions and abilities. At the heart of RR is a system of conspiracy cards that allow players to work together to bluff and trick their opponents, to the victor goes the crown!


RR is played out over 5 phases

1.Cloning Phase: Respawn dead clones (each clone can come back 2 times but degrades each time)

2.Internal Relations Phase: Secretly assign your dice to your clones combat or defense pools. Lie to your friends and trick them as much as possible.

3.Political Maneuvering Phase: Roll for initiative and play conspiracy cards. 

4.Action Phase: Time to move your minis and attack. 

5.Damage Control Phase: See if anyone has been knocked out of the game! 


Each unit has a dice value for their combat and defense. You can assign as many dice to each of these values up to their max stat. The goal of RR is to roll as MANY dice as possible…. We all love rolling lots of dice.


Each unit (a single miniature) has its own card with a full range of stats and abilities.


Each player may have up to two conspiracy cards at a time. These cards provide different events that can be used to change the course of the game!


Combat in RR is very simple. Players will assign their dice pool to either their combat or defense. During the action phase this will allow you to roll that amount of dice when performing attacks, or defending yourself against enemy clones.

Each clone has a target number (The value they must roll on a D6) for their combat and defense that will degrade each time they are killed and respawned. The choices get harder as the game progresses and you’ll need to be more tactical about your dice allocations!

The Miniatures

Resin Clones?

Regime Rumble will feature a range of high detail resin characters. Currently we have a range of hilarious clones based on historical characters that transcend the 20s to the 80s

Add in some of your own miniatures and create your own whacky clones! Anything is possible in this violent deathmatch game.