A fantasy skirmish game by Corey Sullivan


Book - At Printer
Miniatures - Casting is in progress
Cards - Prepping Files for Print
Tokens - Prepping Files for Print
Terrain - In Production


UPDATE #1 - Sept 2022

Wow! Sorry its taken us so long to get this update compiled. We just got finished with our massive warehouse move from Lubbock to Waco, which took a lot out of us! This will be a short and simple update to get things started, and we'll plan to post an update each month (or as needed).

Overall. We have no delays to report at the moment. Yay!

The book was finalized and sent off to the printer last month. This is our first time printing a higher quality hardback book, so we are taking our time and making sure everything is looking nice. We should get our hardcopy proof sheets in the next couple of weeks and once they are approved the book will be in full production. That still puts us on time for our November start of fulfillment. While the books are printing we'll be working on all the minis, terrain, cards and tokens needed to get everything ready to ship out.  

The only thing we may see some delays with, will be shipping the books. By our printer's current estimates, we should still be on time for November, but with global shipping being what it is...this can sometimes shift around a bit.


The YAFSIGA Rulebook is now available for pre-order via our distribution partner Funagain here. If you have a retail store, or a local FLGS that might be interested, then make sure to let them know!