Welcome to Northwood

The darkness beckons...

Cruel killers and unspeakable monsters lurk in the dark corners of suburban homes, while ancient curses and forbidden knowledge threaten to consume your very soul.

Don't dare to look back, for what you might see could shatter your sanity. Scream, and your voice will be drowned out by the eerie echoes of the past.

Don't Look Back plunges you into a world where nostalgia and nightmares collide. A world where the innocence of an era is overshadowed by the spine-tingling fear that something sinister is just around the corner. From sinister killers to cursed monsters and ghosts, you'll face the terrors of a decade that never truly let go.

In this game, survival is a fleeting hope, and your every decision could lead to a fate worse than death. Uncover dark secrets, confront your deepest fears, and remember one thing above all else:

Don't Look Back!

The Rules and Mechanics

Don’t Look Back allows players to play solo and cooperatively with up to four players against a sinister A.I. Killer. In the core experience, each player will take on the role of a random Character. Each Character has its strengths and weaknesses, forcing Players to find a way for the Characters to work together and survive the night!

In the advanced rules, players will also find rules for another player to take control of the killer, creating a new and exciting experience for the Characters to navigate.

Killers in Don’t Look Back can be created using themed killers from individual Plots or randomly generated when they first appear from the shadows! Killers are represented by their 3 Aspects, Visage, M.O., and Traits. This allows for a huge variety in what the Characters will come face-to-face with. Creating Killers in Don’t Look Back allows players the opportunity to recreate their favorite Killers from any horror genre!


The Don’t Look Back core book contains five premade Plots to get players immediately into the action. Players will also find rules for randomly generating Plots to create many opportunities for replayability! In addition, Don’t Look Back is supported by a host of VHS expansions with additional Plots, Killers, and Characters for even more tabletop horror experiences!

Who doesn’t love a good horror trilogy? In Don’t Look Back, players will be able to link 3 or more Plots together and follow both the Killer and the Characters through a series of connected Plots. With the addition of Trilogy play, the story will continue through a series of Pursuits or Returns. Will the next Plot take place mere moments after the previous Plot, or weeks or even months later?

The Miniatures

Don't Look Back features a full range of high-quality resin miniatures. This expansive line of miniatures is impeccably sculpted and expertly cast right here in the USA with the quality one can expect from other Black Site Studio projects.

We here at Black Site Studio are committed to expanding the range of minis and characters for this system well into the future. If you've supported our previous endeavors, you'd know that we are passionate about getting unique, premium sculpts into the hands of gamers and hobbyists.