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We’re working with Sean to bring Sludge to life on your tabletop! From conversion bits to terrain, mats, and potentially even miniatures, the world of Sludge is one that we’re eager to explore with Sean and you!

Sludge is designed for players to build grim fantasy armies using various historical miniatures. The rules are designed to represent a black powder age with a fantastical emphasis on powerful knights and dark magic. Battle hardened line infantry will form the backbone of your force. These core troops will be supported by noble knights and strange magicians. Sludge is an invitation to collect and convert an army from a dark ahistorical setting, and a delightfully dark battle game with a brutal and distinct play style.

Enter a bleak and decaying world of unending warfare in an anachronistic nightmare. SLUDGE is soon to be published in BLASTER Games Anthology Volume 3.

The Battalions

  • Sludge Conversion Kit – Imperials Heads

  • Sludge Conversion Kit – Royalists Heads


Sludge Terrain & Accessories

Coming soon...

What is Sludge?

SLUDGE is more of a hobby game than Relicblade or Warhammer 40,000 for example. Players have more agency when it comes to what figures they will use and what sort of setting they want to explore. The core rules are flavorful and specific, but the way you interpret them into your own armies, tables, and battles will be uniquely your own.

Sean has created a great starting guide to exploring and building your own Sludge army at www.relicblade.com/sludge, and we encourage you to go give that a read!

We’re starting off the Sludge product lines with two battalion conversion kits; the Royalists and the Imperials. These two packs come with 54 resin heads and should provide a great start for a beginner’s army. We have more products on the way later this year, including a punch-card token sheet. Stay tuned!