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Violent Dark (formerly Anomaly) is a 32mm co-op or head-to-head game that pits the crew of a massive corporation’s ship or planetary facility against the threats of the galaxy that lurk and prey beyond The Dark.

A game of Violent Dark is played with 3-5 miniatures per side on a 2’×2′ area.


We’re launching VIOLENT DARK with Black Site Backroom, our program for creating independent miniatures games. During the pre-order period we’re offering discounted pricing and special launch event bonus items. Together we can work to bring Violent Dark to the tabletop.

Violent Dark is already 100% funded by us, we just need your help to make this launch as fun as possible!

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Our pre-made purchase tiers offer multiple ways to get into Violent Dark. Only want the starter box? Then you’ll want to pick up the Starter Tier. Want the starter game with a few extas as well as access to all the bonus unlocks? Grab the high flyer tier.

And if you want everything… and by that we mean literall everything then you’ll want to grab the Space CEO tier.

You can also grab a tier and add other products a-la-arte (such as the gaming mat, terrain and other minis)


Tier I
The Starter

$69.99   $79.99 MSRP

The Violent Dark starter box

▶ Pushkin the cat
▶This bundle does not include any preorder bonuses


Tier II
The Captain

$119.99   $134.97 MSRP

▶The Violent Dark starter box

▶ Pushkin the cat
▶ Vac Suits Miniatures

2×2 Ship Hulk gaming Mat
ALL unlocked free preorder bonuses


Tier III

$289.99   $347.95 MSRP

The Violent Dark Starter Box

▶ Pushkin the cat free gift
▶ Violent Dark – Vac Suits
▶ Violent Dark – Multipart Aliens
▶ Violent Dark – Cormorant Class Freighter- Core Set Prepainted MDF Kit
▶ 2×2 Ship Hulk gaming Mat
ALL unlocked free preorder bonuses






Turret Miniatures


You’ve got 16 minutes until the ship self destructs. You and your crew mate are the last ones left alive after something killed all the others, and you need to buy yourself some more time. You throw down an Auto-Turret in the hallway behind you as you crawl into your escape pod you hear the muffled clang of the guns firing behind the airlock door.

This pack includes 3 Auto-Turrets. Violent Dark has the ability to find and lay down turrets as part of the game play. In order to survive till the end of the mission you may want a couple of these.


CORE BOOK - Xeno Expansion Added


We’ll add TWO extra Xeno types to the core rule book with some additional rules and pages.


Named Character - Dieter Lang


Dieter Lang was a lead designer for Delta Corporation in his youth. His greatest achievement was the development of a polymer coating for ship interiors that added a great deal of integral strength. Unfortunately the polymer used a material gained from an alien world and is in great demand, making it almost impossible to produce in great quantities. Over time he was forgotten and now he works on long haul vessels doing what he can to prove his worth again.


Named Character - G8briel


G8briel, like most early model synthetics, became self-aware on a deep run mission into The Dark. Unlike most of the early model synthetics, G8briel chose to stay with his crew and complete their mission. Unfortunately, when their ship returned several generations later, a misstrust of early models drove him into hiding. Today he searches for a new crew that will have his back like he will have theirs.


Violent Dark - The Rogue Synthetic Expansion


Sometimes they come looking for parts for their facilities or for self repair. I.S.S. was able to wake you in time before the Synths damage valuable Cryo facilities and in turn risk the crew. You must fend them off to save yourselves and the ship.

We will unlock for early purchase the very first expansion for Violent Dark “Rogue Synthetics” This expansion comes with
Two NEW crew member types (Synth Hunter & Merc)
Three synthetic miniatures
Two new scenarios
Full expansion rules to play games with a new type of threat


Multipart Crew Kit


These ships leave earth with an endless supply of crew for any potential outcome. 

We will unlock for early purchase the Violent Dark – Multipart Crew kit. 
6 Bodies and legs (with mix of genders/crew styles)
7 head types
Multiple weapon and arm choices! (TONS of choices)


Z. Wynter


Wynter has been on more than one military expedition into The Dark. She’s fought on alien worlds and helped regain control of several lost space stations. When her last military contract closed out, she chose to move onto private contracting where she has been able to make more in one mission than some make in a lifetime.


Xeno Hugger - Sample X855


You can hear the pulsating movement as this horrific object moves into view, its dragging one of your shipmates along with it. They have taken the crew one by one and you’re next!

This set contains 3 Alternate Xeno sculpts to use in games of Violent Dark (3 Different Poses)


The Dark has no limits

There are many more horrible things waiting for us in The Dark. As we get closer to them, they’ll surely make themselves known!


When is this shipping?

All of the core components for the Violent Dark Starter box are already in production, as well as any of the planned stretch goal miniatures. We are planning on a Late January/Early February shipping window for this project, but may ship sooner than that. As always, we will be updating customers at least once per week once things kick off!

NON-USA Fulfilment

Any international orders will be shipped directly from the BSS HQ in Texas. You will be responsible for any local customs or vat charges.


“Backroom Pricing” is our gift to you! The backers. These tiers are offered at a discounted price exclusive to this campaign. They will be  more expensive when offered up for general sale after the Backroom orders are fulfilled, so back during this campaign to save!

Is this a pre-order or a crowdfunding project?

This is absolutely NOT a crowdfunding project. VIOLENT DARK is a fully finished game with most components either in production, at our printers, or sitting in our warehouse waiting for your purchase! Because of this your card will be charged immediately.

Why the "Stretch Goals" though?

We really like to support the people who support us. Offering free goals is a great way for folks to get early access to these items we were planning to release anyway. The more copies of the core game that we sell the more cool stuff we can offer!

I hate exclusives!

So do we! However we like to give back to the people who support us early on from the start.  Our plan is to offer all of the items in this campaign in the future.

What about PDFs of the rules? Just sell me the rules by themselves!

We will not be selling PDF copies of the rules and cards for VIOLENT DARK at this time.

What do I need to do to get the pre-order bonuses?

All you need to do is buy a eligible bundle deal! Any of them will clearly note if they come with the preorder bonuses. Make ure to double check which tier is best for you!