Big Turkey Video Rental



We've got a special treat for the holidays this year! We are releasing our first official Holiday themed kit: The Big Turkey Video Store! This store is the perfect nostalgic throwback to those days when you’d rush off to the shop to grab the latest holiday blockbuster.

Featuring a pre-painted MDF kit, resin miniatures, and free STL furniture upgrades, this kit is a benchmark of where we want to take our terrain products in the future!
In this product you will receive the following
  • Big Turkey Video Rental Prepainted MDF Kit
  • Big Turkey MDF Interior scatter terrain
  • 3 Resin miniatures (male clerk, female clerk, turkey mascot, Exclusive to BSS)
  • free .stl interior pieces. (Exclusive to BSS)

This building is approximately 10"x10"x5"

A printed graphics sheet will be provided for the signage, shelves and awning labels.

STL files are delivered as a free download for personal home use only, no refunds once digital files are redeemed.


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