This is not a Test - Caravan Cow

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The redoubtable caravan cow is a common sight among the many merchant caravans that ply the trade routes between settlements. Clearly descended from Pre-Fall cattle breeds, the caravan cow is however a distinct breed of mutant animal.  Mutations is rife among them and features such as multiple heads, unusual tails, and variant hide colors are numerous. Despite this they are perfectly suited to their task as they slow and ponderous, can eat almost anything that is not nailed down, and can be drugged to dull their senses, making them less likely to run away or stampede.

This cow is a wonderful example of the caravan cow and features not one, but two heads, scaly skin, and a scorpion tail.  Though non-functional, the tail is pretty cool looking.   She can be used for any number of scenarios, but especially for “The Caravan” scenario in the This Is Not a Test main book. 

The Caravan Cow is 33mm to the topmost horn and is cast in high-quality resin as a single piece model. Sculpted by Anton Ducrot.

Package Contents (1 resin miniature)

  • 1x Caravan Cow
  • 1x plastic round base

The Caravan Cow miniature is ideal for playing This Is Not a Test and other post-apocalyptic, science fiction, or modern wargames. Copyright 2018 World’s End Publishing.

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