Don't Look Back - Sideshow Slaughter



Written by Matthew Burns and published by Black Site Studios, Don’t Look Back is a solo or cooperative tabletop miniatures game where you create a cinematic experience in a world of suspense and terror. Players control four heroes against a randomly generated AI Killer on a 3×3 foot playing surface.

Designed to be played in under an hour, this simple tabletop experience is perfect to play with friends or family. Fans of horror cinema will love recreating their favorite cinematic gore-fests in this fast paced and easy to learn game.

Don’t Look Back – Sideshow Slaughter

  • 1 New gruesome killer miniature - Booger the Banished
  • 4 Resin Balloon tokens
  • 2 New Scenarios
    Product comes in a custom VHS case

No horror experience is complete without a solid foundation of supporting characters to lift the main characters or succumb to the terrors of the night. Will they survive the encounter and become a powerful ally in the future; or an insidious nemesis? Only time will tell!

Please note that these miniatures will require some assembly/cleanup and removal from the sprues.  We recommend that you have prior experience with assembling/painting resin miniatures.

These miniatures were painted by Adam Huenecke


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