Hive Construct Prime

SKU: NEC#6005



Sprawling towers and rusty walkways make up the dreaded under-hive of Mortim prime. Vicious gang lords and entrenched fighters do battle daily across its ever moving scenery, while workers try and eek out a living in the mines and foundries below.

We have designed this set for use in games such as necromunda, warhammer 40k and is made to be highly modular and versatile. Featuring enough terrain to get started on a 3x3 or even a 4x4 (at a stretch) and with some truly awesome designs such as articulated stairs and telescopic walkways! We believe this to be one of the most innovative industrial sets on the market!

This massive bundle Includes

  • 1 large tower with removable hatches
  • 1 medium tower
  • 2 small platforms
  • 1 adjustable stair
  • 1 adjustable walkway/pipe
  • 4 short walkway/stair combos
  • 6 blast shield
  • 8 detailed fence
  • 10 simple fence
  • 5 ladders

As always these kits come pre-painted and ready to assemble. This bundle includes items that are both simple and advanced to assemble, but rest assured we'll have some great easy to read instructions for them!

 Due to the size and cutting time of this product (over 6 machine hours!) this item is currently cut to order only! You will need to  wait 10-15+days for this item to ship.


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