YAFSIGA - Blakehurst Village



Designed as the perfect companion to your games of YAFSIGA, our 28mm scale pre-painted kits are all you need to begin adventuring in the world of yafseo!

In this set you will receive the following

 2 Houses

▶ 1 Stable

▶ 1 Black Smith

▶ 4 stone walls with 1 gate

▶ 1 Wagon

▶ Crates and Wheels

▶ Stocks and a town well

This is a 28-32mm building kit.  It comes pre-painted on sprues and once assembled its ready to use! Cleanup and pre-work is required and we recommend folks have experience with MDF kits.

Miniatures and other kits are shown for scale purposes only. Resin details not included. Colors of MDF may vary slightly between batches. Instructions found online

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