This is not a Test - Peacekeepers Pack 2

SKU: WEP-30027


Need reinforcements for your Peacekeeper warband?  We got you covered. This pack includes two alternative officers (one armed with an assault rifle and the other with a long rifle), one female tactical (with a choice of grenade launcher or light machine gun), and a alternative line breaker (armed with a buzzsaw nightstick).  This pack is also great for customizing any peacekeeper models with an assortment of new parts.

Package Contents (4 metal miniatures)

  • 1x male officer body with duster
  • 1x male officer body with light armor
  • 1x right arm assault rifle
  • 1x right arm with long rifle
  • 1x male officer head
  • 1x male officer head with sunglasses
  • 1x male line breaker body
  • 1x left arm with pistol
  • 1x left arm with riot shield
  • 1x helmeted head with visor up
  • 1x helmeted head with visor down
  • 1x left arm with buzzsaw nightstick
  • 1x female tactical with duster
  • 1x right arm with light machine gun
  • 1x right arm with grenade launcher
  • 1 female head with campaign hat and short hair
  • 1x female head with campaign hat and long hair
  • 4x plastic round base

The Peacekeepers Pack 2 is ideal for playing This Is Not a Test and other post-apocalyptic, science fiction, western, or modern wargames. Copyright 2019 World’s End Publishing.

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