Regime Rumble - Core Game





Welcome to the year 4057

The world is overpopulated and cloning has been banned from day-to-day use. The De’Graw corporation has managed to obtain an entertainment license under global code 456-8. This allows the use of cloning to subdue mass unrest. The corporation has begun a televised sensation, Regime Rumble! Ever wonder who was the best  in politics, science, or pop culture? What would happen when these personalities from around the world meet to duke it out? Well now you can find out every Saturday morning!

Watch as famous personalities from around the world are defeated and cloned again and returned to the arena. Unfortunately, the more frequently they are cloned the more the copies begin to degrade.

Smash your friends in a fast paced game of futuristic clone combat. The RR core box has everything you need to get started and play! (Just add a LOT of dice)

The Regime Rumble core box will include
– 6 Page rule booklet
– 8 High detail resin clone miniatures (soviet and USA leaders)
– Color unit cards
– 18 card conspiracy deck
– 2 spotlight and blast markers

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