S.T.E.A.D. HSL-1150 Crane System

SKU: IND#2020


The every rumbling gears and wires of the S.T.E.A.D. (Servo Tech Enabled Assisted Displacer) HSL-1150 Crane System is a common background sound of Industria. Produced by Keist Heavy Industries in massive quantities to fuel the construction boom in the early 90's, the cranes operated almost flawlessly, until that dreadful day when the gangs took over. Shortly after, the cranes were retro-fitted to move vast quantities of illegal shipments and re-purposed as makeshift guard towers and lookout stations.

Controlled by an advanced A.I. system, it has been blamed for numerous deaths and industrial accidents in years past.

Ideal for adding that extra level of detail to any larger gaming table. It features highly detailed pre-painted parts. It also has moving parts and is designed to hold our Shipping Crates.

This is a 28mm building kit.  It comes pre-painted on sprues and once assembled its ready to use! This is a Moderate to advanced kit to assemble, following specific instructions is essential to allowing the kit to go together and work correctly.

This crane Stands in at a huge 14″ tall.  Miniatures are shown for scale purposes only. The model shown here is a different from our final production copy. Final colours are cream/navy


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