Sarie Breacher - Preorder

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Sarie is a unique sub-agency that operates mostly in the Middle East and northern Africa. Breachers within Sarie gravitate toward Operations that see them fighting both political and religious extremists and this can bring them to operate outside of their normal geographic preferences. Sarie Breachers often consult for small Unit missions or direct confrontations in hostile areas. Sarie Breachers do not operate with the same level of destruction as CORE Breachers, believing that they need to maintain the local infrastructure for the people who are inevitably caught up in conflicts. Sarie also offers the most diverse mix of combat expertise among its members. 

This product includes

  • 1 Sarie Breacher miniature (base supplied)
  • This product is made from high quality resin
This product is part of the Breacher pre-order event. Orders containing this item will not ship until fulfillment starts. For more information on when this item will be shipping, check the main Breacher page and scroll down to the FAQ.

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