Sludge Terrain Bundle



Enter a bleak and decaying world of unending warfare in an anachronistic nightmare. 
Sludge is designed for players to build grim fantasy armies, The rules are designed to represent a black powder age with a fantastical emphasis on powerful knights and dark magic. Sludge is an invitation to collect and convert an army from a dark ahistorical setting, and is a delightfully dark battle game with a brutal and distinct play style.

We've worked with Sean Sutter, the creator of SLUDGE & Relicblade, to construct a modular set of terrain that works flawlessly with his beautiful game. Inside this prepainted bundle, you'll find a whole load of elements that can be combined in an almost endless series of battlefields that will take your games to the next level. This set is 100% compatible with our Sundered Empire terrain bundle.

In this kit you will receive:

- 1 Large Windmill
- 1 Windmill Shack
- 2 Lean-to
- 1 Octagonal Foundation
- 1 Square Foundation
- 2 Half Width Foundations
- 4 Triangle Foundations
- 2 Extra Wide Stairs
- 2 Standard Stairs
- 1 Temple (It can be separated into 3 parts)
- 1 Temple Fountain
- 3 Temple Sculptures
- 1 Wooden Cart
- 4 Wide Edge Battlements
- 4 Small Edge Battlements
- 12 Trench Fortifications
- An assortment of crates and scatter debris

Other kits and miniatures are not included.

Colors may vary slightly from photos, assembly required.


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