The Orbital

SKU: STL0011


This Product is 100% digital and will be delivered as digital downloadable files upon purchase. We do not offer refunds for digital goods. All sales are final. 

Looming high over the horizon is a secret weapon built in the shadow of a once forgotten government to be the one true symbol of power and destruction.


  • Included in this product is the following files
  • Square Straight
  • Half Straight A&B
  • Dead End
  • Long Corridor
  • Corner A&B
  • T Junction
  • Crossway
  • Open Room floor
  • Open Room Corner
  • Open Room Airlock
  • Open Room Door
  • Open Room Straight A&B
  • Door Bar
  • Ark Conversion base
  • Repair Droid

Files will be delivered by email after purchase, or you can log in and download them directly from the site. 

Kit Compatibility: This kit is designed to work with our Bunker 16 and USS ARKAND STL Kits too!

Also, We have specifically designed this to work with our pre-painted MDF A.R.K, Arklight Metro and Arkand Crypt kits.
- Standard straight is 4.25"x4.25"x4"
- Half straight is 4.25"x2.125"x4"
- Long Corridor is 4.25"x8.5"x4"


  • By purchasing this product the User agrees to print this file for personal use and not for any commercial purposes, you may not transfer the file to any 3rd party printing company. 
  • Do not share this file after purchase.
  • Do not resell prints of this product.
  • Do not remix this file and resell it

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