This is not a Test - Tribal Warband

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Tribal is the name given to survivor groups that are more primitive than one would expect in an era littered with relics and technologies of the past. Whether due to isolation, exceptionally bad luck, asceticism, or religious expression, tribals function near a pre-industrial level.  Tribals wear a pastiche of animal hide, scrap metal armor, and any number of fetish items (small bones, feathers, and Pre-Fall trinkets being the most common). Elaborate tattooing, scarring, and other markings are also commonplace. Tribals possess a powerful cunning that should never be underestimated and form scouting parties to search for valuable resources.

This set represents such a tribal scouting warband and includes a great shaman, a tribal champion, a warbringer armed with a minigun, tribal scout, and four tribals all armed with appropriately thematic weaponry.  These eight models are ready to hit the wasteland and bring honor to thei tribe.

Each tribal is between 28-35mm to the top of their head.  These particular tribals are bit hardier and taller than other wastelanders and are great for representing the Totem Tribals found in the Wasteland Companion.  Sculpted by Anton Ducrot.

Package Contents (8 metal miniatures)

  • 1x great shaman with staff
  • 1x tribal champion with two melee weapons
  • 1x female tribal with two melee weapons
  • 1x female tribal body
  • 1x knife and pistol sprue
  • 1x male tribal with pipe rifle
  • 1x female tribal with rifle
  • 1x warbringer with minigun
  • 1x tribal scout with assault rifle
  • 8x bases

The 28mm Tribal Warband are ideal miniatures for playing This Is Not a Test and other post-apocalyptic, science fiction, or fantasy wargames. Copyright 2018 World’s End Publishing.

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