Yankee Doodle Die - VHS Expansion - PREORDER



John Loughton was a British officer and the first outsider to discover the area later known as Northwood with a local school taking his name. Setting up a fort, eager to exploit and bring the land under British rule, he would soon find that an impossible task that would slowly drive him insane. Fast forward to tonight, the night before The 4th of July. The Characters are out wandering the streets when trouble finds them. Still suffering from madness, Loughton is back to slay his way through Independence Day!

This is a preorder item that is expected to ship in late July

 This VHS EXPANSION contains:

  • 1 Resin John Loughton Miniature and 32mm base. 
  • The miniature in this expansion has rules to use John Loughton as either a killer or a new character!
  • 1 John Loughton Character Card
  • 1 New Visage card "Revenant"
  • 1 New Plot card "Declaration of Death"
  • An authentic plastic VHS case with retro style packaging.



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